Dear America, Can We Stop Demonizing White People?

Sincerely, someone who isn’t white.

In America, everything is about race. Even things that have nothing to do with race — have to do with race. We have gotten into the habit of over-labeling everything. It is a toxic and disturbing obsession that us Americans possess.

It is with our hyper-awareness of race, that we have created further polarization and distress between minority and white communities.

Now, I must emphasize that racial identity is important. It would be ignorant to pretend that race did not exist. However, the extent that modern culture has stretched it to is only perpetuating racism by creating further division and distinction.

There has been exponential generalization regarding white people, specifically republican males, and how in essence, they are spawned from hell, hating on anyone that is not white. This is especially prominent in today’s political climate, where white republican males are shamed and “cancelled” for their opinions— opinions that are attacked for no better reason than for the person’s race and political identification. Correct me if I am wrong, but does this not create further uncoupling between races? Is it not, in itself racist, to make claims generalizing white people?

Now, before any one gets offended, let me clarify a few things:

  1. Yes, white supremacist’s and/or racists absolutely exist.
  2. This is not to devalue anyone's individual experience with racism.
  3. This is not an attack on minorities, I am simply pointing out hypocrisy.

The false agenda that stereotypes white people and/or republicans in the “racist scums, that are secretly hiding KKK outfits in their closets” box needs to stop. This claim, is not baseless. Scroll through any major news outlet, and you’ll see this implied narrative on headlines (which I honestly, do not recommend doing anymore, because it is genuinely exhausting how hateful, biased, and angry the media has gotten).

These contradictory and hypocritical headlines are intended for white people to feel guilty (hence the term “white guilt”) of their mere existence. Just last week, my white roommate had stated that she felt guilty for being part of a “disgusting race” that repeatedly oppresses people of color and wished they were required to pay reparations for slavery. Huh? All I asked was what movie you wanted to watch.

Let me make clear that my words should not be radicalized. Those on the extreme left may take it as an admission to encouraging white supremacy. Those on the extreme right may take it as permission to be ignorant and discriminatory.

All I am saying is stop with the labels. Stop with the generalizations. White people can be racist, so can Black people. White people can actively fight against prejudice and injustice, so can Black people.

The world is watching us fall apart. We, as Americans, need to wake up and learn that it doesn’t matter if your Black, White, rainbow, or glittered. Generalizing and stereotyping any race is harmful. Correlating race to every endeavor is toxic and needs to stop.

Please, just acknowledge and accept differences, and move the f**k on.



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